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Even large companies need a little outside writing expertise.

As the go-to freelance writer for John L. Scott Real Estate for a number of years, Marisa Rodriguez was called upon to write materials for all aspects of the company’s business, including internal and external sales materials.

Information on the basics for buying and selling a home, CMA tools, mortgage and lending brochures were all used by John L. Scott’s 4,000 Realtors to use with their customers. Recruiting brochures and training class updates were written to entice agents to work for the company and to promote agent education classes.

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In 2008, when homeowners were unsure how they would be affected by the economy, John L. Scott commissioned Marisa Rodriguez to write a whitepaper entitled “Why Now Is A Smart Time To Buy” to clearly explain the state of the market to the company’s customers. Posted for several months on in the beginning of 2008, the whitepaper was distributed by virtually every one of the company’s 4,000 agents to their customers and was mentioned in blogs, used in advertising and excerpted in a number of industry publications.